With COVID-19, treatment centers should better to be safe than sorry!

When it comes to protecting individuals from COVID-19 expansion, until a reliable vaccine and \ or treatment are developed and widely distributed, we can only implement measures that reduce contamination risks. 

The most commonly adopted measures consist in mandatory mask for anyone on the premises, social distancing, temperature checks, protective gear, screens and devices for staff, relentless sanitizing and staff testing.

Most centers follow these rules that are embodied in recommendations published by CDC, State agencies, JCAHO, and CARF.

Unfortunately, it is not enough. Indeed, prior to enrolling a client in a program it is highly recommended to test the client with a reliable test. It is also highly recommended to regularly repeat testing all individuals on the premises (to avoid contamination by asymptomatic individuals). This additional set of precautions may be deemed cumbersome and costly. Costs can however be reduced if the provider works with a reputable testing laboratory. Therefore the only remaining issues are time and inconvenience. It is a small price to pay for clients and staff safety and provider insulation from claims

for malpractice. Indeed, standards of care for addiction and behavioral healthcare providers are tantamount to medical standards of care. In other words, providers have to take all reasonably available precautions to avoid contamination. The likelihood of a jury finding that expanding the intake process and maintaining regular testing programs is a reasonable preventive measure for all stake holders, including businesses providing addiction and behavioral healthcare treatment in California.

At Advanced Recovery and Action Family Counseling – Bakersfield, we implemented extensive COVID-19 protection programs that have been developed by Seven Seas Ventures, Inc.

Jean Rooryck
Master Analyst
Seven Seas Ventures, Inc.