Support Your Sobriety with Simple 5-Minute Tasks


For the most part, recovery is filled with processes and tasks that take a lot of time and emotional energy, but sobriety doesn’t always have to be so complicated. In fact, all it takes is a few spare minutes some days to support your sobriety and keep you on the right track. Check out these simple actions that only require five minutes of your time to keep you moving in the right direction toward a sober life.

Take Five for Gratitude

Look for things in your life you’re thankful for, and write them down. Think about why you are grateful to have these things in your life. Taking just five minutes to focus on the positives helps you to maintain an optimistic outlook.

Take Five for Activity and Health

Physical activity works wonders for the mind; getting your heart rate up and moving around releases natural mood enhancers in the brain. So take five minutes to get up and get active if you’ve spent most of the day sitting still.

Take Five for Spiritual Health

Spend a few minutes praying or meditating to support your sobriety as part of your aftercare plan during addiction recovery. These spiritual moments help you unload some of those stressors that are weighing you down so you can continue to move forward.

Take Five for Personal Grooming

It’s easy to forget your own personal hygiene when you live a busy life, and ignoring these things can bring you down and that’s never good for relapse prevention. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take five minutes to do something good like conditioning your hair, painting your nails, or even just flossing your teeth.

Take Five to Achieve Something

Maybe you need a new job, want to go back to school, or simply take care of a big chore. Just five minutes working on a personal goal can help you feel like your time has not been idle, and it can help you keep moving forward in addiction recovery.

For more information about simple ways to support your sobriety, reach out to us at the Addiction Recovery Agency.