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Addiction Prevention Seminars

ARA organizes live seminars for families, friends and Human Resource personnel to identify, address and potentially prevent addiction from taking hold. Each seminar includes lectures and Q&A from selected speakers covering a variety of topics

Catalog of Substances

While many addictive substances are relatively well-known (cocaine, heroin, meth amphetamines), new and in many cases more potent substances “hit the market ” all the time. Educating families and professional organizations about the varieties of drugs and their effects will help them spot early signs of addiction, and potentially help prevent it.

Prevention For Children and Teens

Kids are experts at keeping certain parts of themselves hidden from family members. But there are tell-tale signs of use for parents. Learn from experts in medicine, psychology, and treatment about how to deal with a family member who may be heading down a dangerous path.

Substance Abuse in the Workplace

The burden of substance abuse on companies has steadily increased for decades. Alert and knowledgeable HR departments can implement preventive measures and put in motion damage mitigating systems that protect the business and employee as well. ARA seminars provide HR departments with an efficient response to these challenges.

Available Treatments

Behavioral healthcare treatment has developed into an industry that is highly specialized with numerous treatment modalities to accommodate a broad spectrum of problems. ARA seminars help overwhelmed family members make sense of a complex treatment landscape and put them face-to-face with experts in the industry.

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