Addiction Recovery Agency offers to professionals a fully integrated system that includes software, active support, and client follow up for a period of one year.

  • The system covers treatment outcomes, staff’ s challenges, clients’ experiences while in treatment and clients’ evolution after treatment for a period spanning over one year. 
  • User friendly reports are formatted as infographic charts and as numeric data. Reports can be printed or displayed. 
  • They can be formatted to cover one client’s progresses, a group of clients’s (facing identical challenges) and the entire census as well. 
  • Addiction Recovery Agency system combines technology with clients’ support. 
  • Active support is taking place while clients are in treatment and after clients have been discharged. 
  • The later part of the support system – that we call stay in touch program – helps clients to stay focus and actively participate in successful recoveries. 
  • Addiction Recovery Agency services have been priced in a very affordable manner that is lower than in house replacement cost. 
  • Aware of the financial challenges providers face, our services are conveniently billed on a 12 month basis rather than upfront. 
  • For more information, please see our contact form.

Outcome Measurements

  Outcome measurements are based on well established and accepted test that cover various challenges: depression, mania, anxiety, trauma, panic attacks, alcohol addiction, chemical dependency, overall health, suicide tendencies, and adverse childhood experiences.
  Outcome surveys results have been formatted to provide clinicians and case managers with a comprehensive inventory of clients’ challenges that can be viewed and printed in infographic formats while clients are in treatment and after treatment as well.

Dynamic Staff Assessments

  Staff assessments provide management with a summary of the practice with summaries covering the overall workplace environment as well as each specific function efficacy analysis. Such assessments are conducted quarterly thru our portal (launch date: 11/01/19) to guarantee anonymity. Results can be printed and viewed in numeric and infographic format as well.

After Care Follow Up Assessments

  Maintain contact with clients after intense treatment is crucial to ensure successful and lasting recovery. Our aftercare assessments cover a wide array of circumstances and clients’ wellness by focusing on clients’ social environment, economic posture, family relationships, work situation, health, emotions and treatment follow up. Results are displayed in inforgraphic format that can be printed as well.