Outcome Measurements

For Clients:

First and foremost, The ARA programs have been designed with clients welfare in mind: they are one more efficient tool that is offered to patients to achieve their goals


For Clinicians:

Self assessments surveys provide clinicians with a comprehensive inventory of patient’s challenges that can be viewed and printed in infographic formats when the patient is in active treatment and after treatment as well.

For Business Managers:

Mirrored surveys cover all operational aspects of behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment: they point managers to successes and improvements.


For Case Managers:

To provide better support to patients, ARA surveys infographic format enables case managers to quickly grasp patients’ challenges and strengths at social, economic, health, emotional and behavioral treatment levels.

For Alumni–Outreach Coordinators:

The ARA + program extensively merges outreach with alumni functions providing patients with a better support while in treatment and after having left treatment as well.