Headed Back to Work After Treatment? Three Tips to Avoid Relapse


It’s not easy to get to that place where you are living life sober, but now that you are there, what’s next? For many, the answer is returning to the same routines including heading back to work while keeping up with aftercare treatment programs. How do you handle the work environment where there are things that might challenge your sobriety? Consider three tips that can help keep you on the right path.

1. Keep Your Friends Handy

Carry around phones numbers of friends that can help if you feel stressed or are fighting the urge to use or drink. Pick your friends, wisely, though. Stay away from the party crowd and only rely on the people interested in supporting your sobriety. Friends like the ones you meet at relapse prevention programs give you someone to call if you need to talk.

2. Make Fitness Part of Your Recovery Plan

Exercise is your body’s way of helping you feel good. Working out releases endorphins that fight depression and anxiety that might tempt you. Make heading to the gym, a yoga class or your daily run part of your recovery strategy. This way when things do get rough at work or home, you have a backup plan that doesn’t include a relapse. You’ll learn that working out is the best coping mechanism in the world.

3. Find That One Thing

Everyone has that one thing they can do that helps them resist. For some, it’s writing down their feelings. Others might take a walk or pick up a sketchbook. The point is you need to find that one thing that distracts you when your mind goes someplace other than recovery. Once you find it, it’ll be a lifeboat that keeps you safe and sober.

Sobriety isn’t easy but with the right tools, you can do it even when you go back to work.