Your Guide to Addiction Recovery: Drug Relapse Prevention


Time spent in rehab typically focuses on detoxing from prolonged substance use and treating the underlying issues that lead to addiction. But once you depart treatment and head back into the world at large, the conditions that were present while deep in your addiction may still be there waiting for you. Awareness of potential triggers and the willingness to do something about it will go a long way in helping prevent a relapse.

Make a Plan for Aftercare Before Leaving Rehab

Putting a program of aftercare in place is a great start to relapse prevention. All too often, however, this important step is disregarded or quickly forgotten once life after treatment gets going. Whether landing at a sober-living home, attending regular 12-step meetings, or continuing a course of therapy, make a plan and make it a point to follow through with it.

Make Healthy Relationships Part of Your Recovery

The people who love you are your best support after rehab to help prevent relapse, so it’s a good idea to involve your family or friends during recovery. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help build a good foundation for healthier relationships:

  • Be open and honest with your family about your weaknesses
  • Plan family therapy sessions as part of your aftercare
  • Establish a healthy atmosphere with more open communication
  • Be willing to see your part rather than simply blaming others

Make It a Priority to Avoid Triggering Situations

An addict with a solid base in recovery is capable of overcoming incredible hardship and achieving astonishing success. But it’s important to remember that recovery is an on-going process, and avoiding unhealthy relationships or situations that contributed to your addiction will help keep you on track.

Recovery from addiction is a very personal journey and success on that journey will look different from one person to the next. But in the end, those who make a plan to stay sober and stick with it will be in the best position to succeed.