Addiction Recovery Agency – Website Launch


A change is underway in the field of behavioral healthcare and substance abuse treatment. Rather than focusing on simply filling beds at treatment centers, Addiction Recovery Agency – a newly launched website and behavioral healthcare resource – works with treatment centers and recovering addicts to prevent relapses through a data-driven program of support.

Stay In Touch Partnership – An Innovative Recovery Resource

Addiction Recovery Agency developed the Stay In Touch Partnership for substance abuse patients trying to maintain sobriety early on in the recovery process. The caring, compassionate professionals who work for this behavioral healthcare resource identify triggers that can lead to relapse and offer resources when warning signs appear. A dialog is established and maintained in the weeks and months following treatment to dramatically increase the odds of successful recovery.

Addiction Recovery Agency Surveys

Surveys of patients are taken anonymously to determine how effectively treatment centers are implementing their specific behavioral healthcare vision. Whether the focus is treating chemical dependency, depression, alcoholism, or other chronic conditions, Addiction Recovery Agency adapts and customizes its master questionnaire to match the services offered by the treatment center and scores the results for real-time, apples to apples comparisons of other similar facilities.

Participating treatment centers are listed in Addiction Recovery Agency’s website database with their rating and are updated periodically to reflect changes in patient survey scores. Facilities declining to participate are listed but cannot receive a rating.

Support Services for Addiction Recovery Facilities

Addiction Recovery Agency provides support services that can help treatment centers gain valuable insight into how their facilities operate.

As results are gathered from surveys, the collected data highlights areas where potential operational improvements can be implemented. Every aspect of treatment is covered: individual and group therapy, activities, accommodations, meals, relations between patients and staff, among other areas. The ultimate goal is to ensure patients are getting the best possible care.

The road to recovery is difficult but Addiction Recovery Agency is dedicated to successful outcomes. Visit the official website of Addiction Recovery Agency to learn more about the valuable services they offer to insurance companies, addiction recovery facilities, and anyone who is struggling with an addiction or mental health issue.