Addiction Recovery Agency is part of Seven Seas Ventures, a business consulting firm founded in 1992 serving behavioral and addictions care providers. Seven Seas’ managers observed that untreated addiction had a substantial impact on business performance. Additionally, in the course of serving clients in behavioral healthcare, we concluded that reliable efficacy data and affordable aftercare support services were lacking. To fill the information and service gaps in this field, our team of experts created Behavior Recovery Agency.

Our Team

  Our team includes business consultants, data analysts, numerous therapists, and an operations support group. Staff have been chosen based on their familiarity and experience in this field and for their desire to improve it.

  To provide governance and judiciously implement our vision, Seven Seas created an Advisory Board. The Board includes, service providers and healthcare administrators.

Our Partners

  At Addiction Recovery Agency, we consider the businesses and people we serve to be partners, not simply clients. It is only through open and full cooperation that we will all find the greatest success.

  For treatment center operators, a partnership is forged through our comprehensive Mirrored and Patient Experience surveys. For patients, it develops through our stay in touch program.