3 Simple Tips to Stay Sober Through the Summer

Maybe it’s all the sunshine. Perhaps it’s all the gatherings and fun. There is something about summer that can make staying sober a little tough if you are just out of treatment. But, the summer season does not have to bring with it a guilt-stricken relapse that sets you back. Check out these three simple tips to keep you sober through the summer season.

1. Make Plans with Sober Friends

Summer is the time of getting together at cookouts, at the beach, or on vacation. Instead of calling up those same old friends who may still have habits you can’t afford to be exposed to, get in touch with your sober friends and make some plans. Having plans will give you something to look forward to, and having plans with sober people will make it easier for you to enjoy yourself with a little less temptation to use.

2. Take the Time to Learn a New Activity

When you’re caught up in addiction, all of your time, energy, and even money can go to your problem. If you are facing your first sober summer, get out and use that time, energy, and money to learn a new activity. Plan to go deep sea fishing for the first time, hiking in the wilderness, or scuba diving at a resort. Setting these little goals for yourself can really help you move beyond old habits.

3. Keep Your Recovery Tools Close

If you know summer will be especially hard for you, don’t forget to keep everything you learned in recovery close. Stay in communication with your sponsor, go to meetings, and follow through with your recovery steps or aftercare program. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of summer and disregard your sobriety support, but doing so can put you in a bad predicament.

If you would like to know more about staying sober, drug and alcohol treatment centers, or if you are looking for your road to recovery, reach out to the Addiction Recovery Agency and their drug treatment directory for help.