3 Reasons Exercise Aids Recovery from Addiction

Only about 29 percent of people in outpatient addiction treatment programs say they work out or exercise regularly, but this is one component that really should not be overlooked. As part of a healthy relapse prevention program, exercise should be one of your top priorities. There are many reasons why exercise aids recovery, but here is a look at a few that are most obvious.

1. Exercise Naturally Makes You Feel Better

One of the hardest parts of early sobriety is finding ways to feel good physically and emotionally without using, and exercise is capable of providing that. When you workout, your body even responds by providing natural boosts in serotonin levels. Exercise can:

  • Combat anxiety and depression.
  • Relieve physical tension.
  • Give you a renewed sense of self-confidence.
  • Prevent weight gain.

2. Exercise Helps Mend Your Body

Even short-term drug or alcohol abuse can take a huge toll on your overall health. Not only are the substances bad for your body, addicts often get so caught up in their disease that they neglect to eat properly or doing any exercise at all. Most drug and alcohol treatment centers highly recommend exercise because it helps get your physical body back on track for a life of sobriety.

3. Exercise Is An Excellent Coping Strategy

While recovering from addiction, it is critical that you have activities to fill your time that are healthy, and exercise is one of those things you can focus on about as much as you like. Doing so helps keep your mind occupied so you don’t find yourself slipping back into past behaviors.

Striving to get and stay sober can involve some major life changes, but exercise is one change that brings immeasurable rewards. Reach out to The Addiction Recovery Agency for more information about relapse prevention programs or drug and alcohol treatment centers.