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We are a resource company aiming at providing information and efficient tools to those facing behavior challenges and healthcare providers as well.

What does our system cover?

The system covers treatment outcomes, staff’ s challenges, clients’ experiences while in treatment and clients’ evolution after treatment for a period spanning over one year.

How can our reports help you?

Our user friendly reports are formatted as infographic charts and as numeric data as well. Reports can be printed or displayed. They can be formatted to cover one client’s progresses, a group of patients (facing identical challenges) and the entire census as well.

What happens once a client is finished with treatment?

Maintaining contact with clients after intense treatment is crucial to ensure successful and lasting recovery. Our aftercare assessments cover a wide array of circumstances and clients’ wellness by focusing on clients’ social environment, economic posture, family relationships, work situation, health, emotions and treatment follow up. Results are displayed in infographic format that can be printed as well.

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Event Announcement

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7 Seas Ventures will be hosting an event where we will discuss the struggles facing the addiction rehabilitation industry. 

Some of the topics that will be discussions : 

  • Expanding Income Channels 
  • Working With Governmental Agencies 
  • Working With Non-Profit Organizations 
  • Prevention Is Part Of Our Common Mission
  • In High Demand With High Yield : Trauma Treatment Plans. 
  • Easy Access To Much Needed Resources 
  • Cash Flow Optimization And Billing

Address : Warner Center Marriot Hotel 28150 Oxnard Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Date : March 27, 2020 | Time : 11 AM – 3 PM

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(818)205-5698 Or

Trusted By Our Clients


Trusted By Our Clients